Brakes & Clutches


We want you and your loved ones to be safe on the road and one of the key factors in road safety is the Braking System of your car. Your brakes should be thoroughly inspected on a regular basis and at GU Motors our experienced technicians will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle’s Braking System components and provide you with a written estimate of any repairs that may be needed. And you will be happy to know we use only the best and most trusted brands.


Some warning signs your car’s Braking System needs assessment:

  1. A spongy pedal
  2. Grinding       
  3. Squealing Brakes
  4. Pulling to one side whilst Braking
  5. The Break warning light illuminating


If your car is showing any of these signs contact GU Motors today.



A regular inspection of your vehicles Clutch System is vital to obtain maximum life from your gear box with smooth reliable changes every time.


Have the fluid levels, lines and cylinders inspected before a major overhaul is required.